Clerc Classic Tournament Logos History

The Clerc Classic Basketball Tournament originated at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in 2000 under its Athletic Director, Michael Weinstock, who envisioned a national basketball tournament for outstanding athletes from the top Deaf schools. The tournament typically occurs during the second weekend of January. The school who wins that year’s tournament often wins the year’s Deaf Prep National Championship.

Clerc Classic Tournament Logos

XXII - Maryland
XXI - Fremont
XX - Indiana
XIX - Riverside
XVIII - Model
XVII - Texas
XVI - Maryland
XV - Fremont
XIV - Indiana
XIII - Riverside
XII - Indiana
XI - Texas
X - Fremont
IX - Maryland
VIII - Minnesota
VI - Riverside
VII - Model
V - Maryland
IV - Indiana
III - Fremont
II - Model
I - Model