SpikeOut Tournament Logos

The Spike-Out Volleyball Tournament originated at the Indiana School for the Deaf in 1999 under the Athletic Director and Volleyball Coach Brian Bippus, who envisioned a national deaf volleyball tournament bringing together outstanding teams and athletes. The idea was to bring top teams to one site and let them “spike each other out” to claim the national championship. The school who wins that year’s tournament often win the year’s Deaf Prep National Volleyball Championship. Texas School for the Deaf Girls’ was the team to win the inaugural SpikeOut Volleyball Tournament championship in 1999.

XXIII - Model
XXII - Indiana
XXI - Riverside
XX - Model
XIX - Maryland
XVIII - Indiana
XVII - Fremont
XVI - Maryland
XV - Texas
XIV - Arizona
XIII - Indiana
XII - Riverside
XI - Wisconsin
X - Maryland
IX - Texas
VIII - Indiana
VII - Fremont
VI - Minnesota
V - Maryland
IV - Texas
III - Kansas
II - Model
I - Indiana