Hoy Tournament Logos History

Hoy is the most accomplished deaf player in MLB history, and is credited by some sources with causing the establishment of signals for safe and out calls. He held the MLB record for games in center field (1,726) from 1889 to 1902, set records for career putouts (3,958) and total chances (4,625) as an outfielder, and retired among the leaders in outfield games (2nd; 1,795), assists (7th; 273), and double plays (3rd; 72). He was also an excellent baserunner, scoring over 100 runs nine times, and often finishing among the top base stealers. He is one of only 29 players to have played in four different Major Leagues. His 1,006 career walks put him second in MLB history behind Billy Hamilton when he retired, and he also ended his career ranking eighth in career games played (1,796).

Hoy Tournament Logos

XIX - Maryland
XVIII - Riverside
XVII - Model
XVI - Texas
XV - Indiana
XIV - Fremont
XIII - Maryland
XII - Riverside
XI - Indiana
X - Texas
IX - Fremont
VIII - Maryland
VII - Riverside
VI - Model
V - Fremont
IV - Model
III - Riverside
II - Riverside
I - Fremont